is an action RPG that combines that feel of the golden era RPG games with a generous dose of humor and parody. The game counts with a solid story which unfolds in a fantasy world populated by dozens of unorthodox characters. Adventuring, exploring ruins, accidentally unleashing the apocalypse, saving the world… you’ve done it all, […]

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Happy fri(shk)day! Here's the nyarian theme from #EpicChef to prepare you for the caturday. youtu.be/Wx9sp2Jpdlg
Let's celebrate that #EpicChef is in Humble Choice with some music! youtube.com/watch?v=EZW6Tb…
RT @seriouslyclara: Whose cuisine will reign supreme?! Talking food and trying out Epic Chef from @InfinigonGames. 🔴 Live @ https://t.co/F…